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Nano hair extensions

At STYLISTIC@357 we are now doing nano hair extensions. These are the latest and newest range in the marketplace, with a benefit of being 90% less noticeable than traditional micro rings.


Nano hair extensions are proven to be the most popular and  quickest of the ring application methods.

The nano ring is the smallest ring yet, it’s slipped onto a strand of hair, followed by the wire tipped virgin remy extension strand, which is then inserted through the back of the ring and clamped flat.


A nano hair extension is applied in seconds, kind to your hair and quick to fit.


If you are looking for high quality real hair extensions but are concerned about the damage they can do to your hair these are the perfect solution.


These types of hair extension use an aluminium wire what is known as a nano ring, lined with silicone and finished in matching hair colours to gently grip your hair extensions in place, this means there is no glue, heat or braiding used, making them the safest method of applying real hair extensions.


For ladies, gents and children's hair styling in Southampton, contact STYLISTIC@357 on:

023 8079 0225

Why choose nano hair extensions?

  • Hair extensions are virtually undetectable

  • Finer and smaller than other products

  • Gives your hair more volume

  • Available in different colours and lengths

  • With correct aftercare and products our nano hair extensions can last up to 6-8 weeks

Beautiful nano hair extensions in Southampton

Our staff are fully qualified hair extension technicians

We offer a full consultation , prewash as well as full aftercare pack


For specialist hair care, wedding and prom styling, hair dying and highlighting. It is always best to contact us to arrange for an appointment.